Be safe in the sun this summer

summer sun
summer sun


Be safe in the sun this summer

There are a number of ways to stay safe in the sun that require minimal effort and won't stop you from enjoying the sunny weather all year round, especially in South Africa where there is abundance thereof.

If you find yourself in the Midlands, walking the paths at Granny Mouse Country House & Spa, remember that just because there is a cool breeze and you don’t think you are burning, you most probably are, and it’s more reason to ensure you are safe from the rays of the sun by taking simple precautions.

Protecting your skin involves making some simple changes, like sun protection clothing and increasing the SPF levels in the sunscreen you purchase. These will certainly help you stay safe in the sun.

However, it is not all doom and gloom if you follow these tips on prevention from Granny Mouse’s GM, Sean Granger. “Sunscreen is definitely one of the easiest ways to prevent millions of cases of cancer each year and it’s quite something that so many of us forget to cover up with sunscreen.”

  1. Choose a broad spectrum sunscreen that protects against both UVA and UVB radiation. Make sure it is water resistant and has a SPF of 30 or higher.
  2. Apply at least a shot glass of sunscreen at least 15 to 30 minutes before going outside.
  3. Reapply every two hours, and every hour if sweating or swimming.
  4. Use a lip balm or lipstick that contains sunscreen with a sun protection factor of at least 30.
  5. Be extra careful around water and sand. These surfaces reflect the damaging rays of the sun, which can increase your chance of getting sunburnt.
  6. Keep babies younger than 6 months old completely covered and in the shade.
  7. Limit the amount of time you’re in the sun between 10:00am and 4:00pm. This is when the sun's rays are the most intense. Practice the shadow rule: if your shadow is shorter than you, the sun's rays are at their strongest, and you should find shade.
  8. If possible, wear a long-sleeved shirt and long pants.
  9. Dark clothing with tightly woven fabric blocks more sun than white or loosely woven fabrics.
  10. For additional protection, look for clothes made with special sun-protective materials.
  11. Accessorize with a hat that shades your face, neck, and ears and a pair of sunglasses. Sunglasses with lenses that have 99% to 100% UV absorption provide optimal protection for the eyes and the surrounding skin.
  12. Be even more cautious if you are taking medications that may make you more sensitive to the sun. These include specific types of antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, antifungals, blood pressure medications, and chemotherapies.
  13. Drink lots of water and stay hydrated.


Most skin cancers can be cured if detected early. About once a month, check your skin for moles or marks that are changing or new and prevention ultimately is better than cure.

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